Introducing the medical staff


September 9, 2020

Introducing the medical staff

Who are the men and women that work in the club’s medical department? Let’s meet them...

Jean-Philippe Gilardi, Medical Department director

Having joined OGC Nice as a doctor in 2007, Jean-Philippe Gilardi is now the director of Les Aiglons’ medical department that his has structured and expanded over the years.

"Before, there were people who worked very well but didn't have all the tools we have today," he explains. "We have to pay tribute to them. We have used that foundation to develop the department, bringing our own contribution, little by little. With the management and Julien Fournier, at the time, our priority was to reinforce the centre's staff, because there was only a doctor and a physiotherapist (both part-time) who looked after the players... Currently, our credo is to recruit for the first team, people who have proven themselves with the academy. There's no difference between the first team and the academy. Anyone can replace anyone. It should also be stressed that thanks to the structuring work carried out at the academy by Jean-Christophe Garcia, everything also works autonomously. And we remain their point of reference, we intervene when necessary."

First Team Medical Staff

2nd doctor: Jean-Christophe Garcia

He is the second doctor for the professionals and is also the perfect illustration of the pathways between the youth academy and the first team.

After joining the club in 2015, Doc Garcia, quiet and competent, spent 5 years with the youth academy. He has worked tirelessly to provide the young Aiglons with an optimal medical environment. A successful mission for the man who joined the staff of the first team in the winter of 2020.

4 Physiotherapists

Philippe Boulon

His hands have been working on Les Aiglons for nearly four decades! And doing them the world of good. Polyglot and always ready to listen the players’ needs, ‘Boul’ is part of the Rouge et Noir furniture.

Born in Toulon, he joined Le Gym in 1982. There, he discovered the world of football under the guidance of the mythical Albert Gal and, after 23 years of regular presence as freelancer, he became the full-time physiotherapist of Les Aiglons in 2005. At the time, Philippe practised alone, at the club during the week and all over the country on weekends. Since then, he has worked in stadiums all over Europe. And now, he is the one who transmits his knowledge. With the passing of the years, his exercises still hurt as much as ever... and still do just as much good!

Rémy Garcia

He arrived in 2007, just a few months before Jean-Philippe Gilardi. That means that in terms of experience, Rémy Garcia has what it takes.

A local, a football fan and a travel lover, he joined the club "by chance, when a mutual friend introduced me to Boul," as he explained to France Bleu Azur in 2015. Rémy quickly felt at home. For the past 13 years, he has been taking care of Les Aiglons, listening to them, repairing them, both indoors and on the pitch. Always quick with a turn of phrase or a quick wit, the father of a charming little girl, Rémy is has been around the club for so long, but has never fallen into the daily routine.

Delphine Uhel

Originally from the Roanne region, Delphine Uhel joined Les Aiglons youth academy in 2012, after having worked with the French Basketball teams.

Quickly nicknamed "Auntie" by the youngsters at the academy, she did a remarkable job for almost five seasons, before joining the first-team staff full time in the summer of 2017. Precise and meticulous, Delphine perfectly illustrates the links between the academy and the pros, as well as the path to follow to move from one sports world to another.

Julio Huecas

He too used to work with the club's academy. Now he too works with the pros. With his singing accent and sparkling eyes, Julio Huecas, born in Madrid and a supporter of Real, is the last link in the 'pro quartet' of physiotherapists.

A football and futsal lover, traveller and conscientious worker, he studied in his home country, then in Paris, before joining the French Riviera and opening his own practice in Villeneuve-Loubet. He joined Les Aiglons' youth academy in 2016. After "a few appearances", he joined the first team full-time in December 2019.


Stéphanie Nucera 

Stéphanie Nucera, a sports nutritionist and dietician, joined the OGC Nice medical staff during the 2019-20 season. Knowledge, pedagogy and psychology: these three ingredients allow her to make gentle adaptations, aimed at optimising performance through a specific, targeted and individualised diet.

After taking care of sportsmen and women in numerous disciplines (triathlon, marathon, athletics, cycling, swimming, karate, handball, trial), she is now involved full time in the life of the professional team and the kids of the academy.

Youth Academy Medical Staff 

1 doctor

Vivien Layet 

He is the new regular doctor of Les Rouge et Noir Academy. Contacted by Jean-Christophe Garcia, Vivien Layet joined OGC Nice in November 2019.

Before joining the club, the Mentonnais, who came from the world of Handball, studied in the most beautiful city in the world, specialised in sports medicine and practised for two years at the Nice University Hospital (IULS).

3 physiotherapists 

Cloé Credeville

A former international swimmer, Cloé Credeville ended her career in 2014 and started studying physiotherapy in Belgium.

Six years later, high performance is still at the heart of her work. Parisian by birth, she arrived at OGC Nice in July 2018. For the past two seasons, she has been bringing her experience and skills to the youngsters of the training centre.

Christopher Rafael 

He, too, has experienced elite sport. Basketball, to be precise, with Strasbourg, the club of his home town, until the U20s.

After studying physiotherapy in Alsace, Christopher did an internship at Le Gym, with the staff of the first team. The internship proved to be profitable and, after a year of private practice, he joined Les Rouge et Noir in July 2018.

Julien Theiller

Coming from the world of fencing, Julien Theiller studied in Switzerland, then joined the Lausanne-Sport Academy in parallel with his practice until 2016.

After setting foot professionally in the world of football, he worked full-time at AC Ajaccio from 2016 to 2018. He then joined the OGC Nice academy, the club in his home town, in December 2019.

In addition to OGC Nice's medical staff, the club will also be call upon professional specialists from outside the club.

They are present every week, some of them for many years, and work for both the pros and the youth academy.

2 osteopaths: Olivier Poumarat and Eric Calafel (photos)
1 rheumatologist: Patrice Kugelstadt
1 surgeon: Alain Mandrino
1 chiropodist: Francis N’Ganga
1 sport podiatrist: Laurent Jacquiot
+ Outside specialists (dentists, opticians, cardiologists, radiologists...).