Vieira: “A non-existant performance”


February 8, 2020

Vieira: “A non-existant performance”

At his press conference, the Nice coach was disappointed with his side’s non-existant performance as they were beaten by Nîmes (1-3)

How would you analyse this match?

There is a lot of disappointment. We thought that we would play a different game. But we came up against a side that was better than us in many areas this evening. In these conditions, it’s difficult to hope for something. When you analyse the match, Nîmes were better than us in lots of areas. They deserved their victory.

Was Boudaoui’s red card the turning point in the game?

No, it’s one of those things that happen in football. Aside from this card, Nîmes were better than us, it’s as simple as that.

It’s an abrupt end to a run of seven matches without defeat in Ligue 1…

I wouldn’t say that no. In this league, anything is possible. The result this evening isn’t a good one but it’s not just that. In terms of the way we played, we hoped for better. When you aren’t producing, it’s tough to take points. It’s a huge source of disappointment. We could have climbed up the table and we didn’t take the opportunity.

Was there a certain over-confidence after leading early on?

From the first minute of the game, we weren’t good enough in too many areas. We scored from a good clearance from Walter Benitez and we made the most of the space with Myziane and Alexis. But apart from that, we weren’t very dangerous throughout the match. We were too slow in our passing to trouble them. They were well organised, they pressed us high up the pitch, and we lacked rhythm.

How would you explain the contrast with the match against Lyon?

We lacked freshness. It’s our third consecutive match with only two days rest. Some players suffered physically. I maybe didn’t help them with my team choices. On the whole it was a non-existant performance against an aggressive and compact side.

You have had a lot of red cards this season. Is it a problem with young players?

We always try to think about why and how it happened. But on this occasion, it’s a bit of everything. Hicham (Boudaoui) has played matches back to back, and put in good performances. He is almost certainly feeling some fatigue, there is also a lack of experience. It’s cost us today, even though I don’t think it was the red card that lost us the match.

One constant this season is your defensive fragility…

It’s down to me to find the solution, a better balance in order to be more solid. We conceded goals, it’s not just the defenders at fault, it’s a team problem that we need to improve.

Do you think that your players were less committed than during the match against Lyon?

It’s not an issue of motivation, the players were aware of the impact that a win would have had on the league table. I felt that they were focused but we lacked freshness, we didn’t move the ball well. You also have to give Nîmes credit as they caused us lots of problems.

Are you frustrated that your side is unable to win back to back matches?

I wasn’t on a cloud after Lyon, I am not buried after this match. We need to be more consistent, that’s been holding us back since the start of the season. We need to continue to work, to battle in order to lift our heads as quickly as possible.