Friendly to bring the week to a close

First team

November 15, 2019

Friendly to bring the week to a close

On Friday, Les Aiglons took part in a friendly match between themselves to bring their international break week to a close.  

On the hybrid pitch of the training ground, two sides went up against each other for two halves of 30 minutes. 

Red team  

Clémentia - Burner, Dante, Lloris, Nsoki - Wade, Cyprien, Lees-Melou, Srarfi - Boudaoui, Lusamba.

Grey team 

Benitez (Cardinale 31') - Cissé, Herelle, Sarr, Walter - Mahou, Tameze, Danilo, Myziane - Ounas, Drame (Valtriani 31'). 

The goals were all scored at the start of the second half.

Played in by Cyprien, Boudaoui beat Cardinale with a smart finish (1-0, 32'). Just minutes later, Ounas equalised after a great assist from Myziane (1-1, 35'). 

Finally Cyprien, in excellent form, gave the red team the victory in the 39th minute, following a perfect one-two with Lusamba and some smart skill to beat Cardi' (2-1). 

The photos from the morning

Photos: A.D.